Military Rule
Front Cover
Mark S. Bennison

Political Thriller/Fiction

Brief Description: America has secured its place as the world’s superpower, with total control of the Middle East and its oilfields. Absolute world domination is in its grasp. But the outgoing President seems to be losing his grip and some believe he is selling out.
The military, headed by a power-crazed general, have other ideas about the fate of the nation and are prepared to seize control at any cost and establish a dictatorship. Their answer: military rule for America and subsequently the rest of the world.
In a tangled web of deceit and conspiracy, personal and selfish ambitions come to the fore. The line between friend and enemy becomes blurred in the battle for power. Who can be trusted, and will a David arise to slay the dangerous Goliath that has emerged before it is too late?

Special Note: This book is also available as an ebook.

About the Author: Mark S. Bennison was born in 1961 in the north of England, but has lived and worked in London for the last 28 years. He lives in Enfield and is married with two children. Military Rule was born from his strong feelings of discontent and anger towards unjust political systems and dictatorships.

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Publication Date:30 June 2006
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Publication Date:30 June 2006
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